Botox Treatment

Smoothning Therapy
  • Strengthen your hair by replenishing hair fibres and repairing damaged hair
  • Eliminates frizz
  • Prevents hair loss, hair-thinning and split-end problems
  • Adds volume to hair

Keratin Treatment

Straightens & Smoothens
  • Reduce heat exposure, which can improve hair health.
  • Strengthen hair and reduce breakage
  • It smoothes the hair cuticle, making it less frizzy
  • Results last up to a few months.

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Hair Extensions tangling problem

Hair extensions are definitely not going out of style in the near future, and if you’re someone who uses them on a regular basis, you’re probably aware of the many options that are available to you at this time.

Tricpro Nourishing Shampoo and Hair Extension Mask

It is specially designed to protect hair extensions from detangling. It helps to maintain the integrity of your hair extensions, which is the most important thing.

Hair Extension Workshop

We provide hair extension classes at different places all over India. If interested you can contact us.

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